Poldark season 3 episode 6 teasers (PBS): On Ross, George, Agatha, and more

Poldark season 3 episode 6Poldark season 3 episode 6 is airing on PBS this weekend, so we hope that you’re ready for a really great episode. This is one of the better episodes of season 3, even though there are many moments within it that may have you reaching for the closest tissue box.

Before we get into being a little more specific on some of the things that are coming up, (or at least as specific as we’re going to be in a CarterMatt preview article) we should issue a sort of emotional warning. This is one of the most emotional installments of the season, and you should really be prepared for that in advance. Otherwise, you’ll be completely blindsided by what you see.

Still with us? Then check out some of the assorted teases that we’ve got below!

1. Be prepared for a very contentious scene involving Aunt Agatha and one other character. There has been a lot of drama swirling around this character for almost the entire season, and within this episode you are going to see much of it come to a head. Let’s just say you may be surprised by the end result of the interaction.

2. Also, be prepared to see much more of Hugh Armitage, a new character who you are still getting to understand as a part of the ensemble. He is a very interesting man, but he will develop an interest in one of the other characters on the show and is a result of that, could be rather troublesome. The only thing that we can tell you (without giving too much away) is that this story will not wrap up in this episode. It is something that is going to develop more over time.

3. Remember the Reverend Whitworth? We wish that we had more pleasant news this time around when it comes to Morwenna, but unfortunately that is not the case. She will still be in a very bad position with the Reverend at the start of the episode, clinging to whatever hope that she can muster.

4. Ross really should realize that in many aspects of his life he needs to step up his game. Is he going to do that? It’s one of the struggles that will define him here and in other parts of the season. He has to think outside of himself for a change both politically and romantically, and that is not the easiest thing in the world to do for him. Ross is a man very much set in his ways.

Feel free to share some of your own expectations for Poldark season 3 episode 6 now in the comments below! Also, head over here in the event you missed our other recent preview for the show.

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