MacGyver season 2 episode 6 review: More than putting out fires

MacGyver season 2 episode 6MacGyver season 2 episode 6 started off with something that the show does an extremely good job at: Throwing us right into a mission that was ridiculous and almost impossible to explain. This time around elf costumes were the name of the game before Mac and Jack managed to escape.

Then, the episode proper began.

Remember Mac’s late training officer? It’s been a while since he visited his family, but he had a chance to do that before he was called in to the Phoenix Foundation to learn a little more about the latest case. They learned about a town in Nigeria that was under severe risk due to oil wellhead fires that were being spread by a group of rebels. When they go over there they wanted to do their part in order to help them, even if it meant in the process potentially disobeying orders to go the extra mile. Bozer and Riley tasked themselves with trying to help some of the people, which produced some more personal and emotional stories than we’re really accustomed to with this show. These were people desperate to protect their village at all costs. You had to admire their courage, which is why Bozer didn’t want to leave them even after Matty told him to.

When the oil wellhead started to explode though, he didn’t have to choice other than to rejoin everyone. The town took care of themselves, and Mac had to do his thing to try to stop the fire — while not spontaneously combusting in the process. Probably more so than any other point this season, Mac really had to face his mortality knowing that the closer he got to the fire, the more likely he was to get himself killed. He gave Samantha Cage his father’s watch, and thanks to that scene with his former training officer’s family earlier this evening, he had his father on his mind. Jack promised before they donned their space blankets (Chuck McGill-style) and ran out into the fire that they would look for his father on the other side of it.

The end result

Safe! Did you really think that the team would do anything other than save the day? We gotta say that in terms of special effects this episode had to be near the top of the list of the show’s best. The same goes for the team (and the town’s) victory celebration once the fire was stopped. Also, Riley/Bozer romance alert — we thought for a split-second that they were going to kiss after the fire was put out. Not so much, at least this time.

With the fire out the Nigerian government was able to suppress some of the rebels, and with that the region could be secured in the long-term. The only bad news was that Bozer and Riley are under investigation over disobeying orders to help out the town.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode took a little bit of time to get going, but once it did it was one of the most heartfelt episodes of the season. Sometimes MacGyver can be a little clinical since you don’t always see the after-effects from the teams help. This time around, everyone was front and center for all of the action. That made this one of the more emotional episodes of the season, even if we wish there was more tangible progress in the story of Mac’s dad.

What was your take on MacGyver season 2 episode 6?

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