Law & Order: SVU season 19 episode 6 video: The worst part of Benson’s job

BensonWhile Olivia Benson may have a chance to feel good about a number of different aspects of her job on Law & Order: SVUthere is one part of it that is head and shoulders worse than any other: Having to tell loved ones that their friend, parent, or child is dead. The latter may be the most painful of all. Having to tell a mother or a father (sometimes both) that the person who they nurtured and loved is no longer with us is not an easy thing for anyone to do.

In the video below, you get an up-close-and-personal look at a part of this grieving process that is more difficult than almost any other: Having to show the parents the body of their child so that they can identify them. At the center of the case Wednesday night is going to be a teenage girl, one connected somehow to a controversial rehab center. You can see the pain in these parents’ eyes; as hard as it is though, they do stress how important it is for the two of them to be there just as they have been there for their daughter in life. Even though it may not be easy, true devotion is helping to care for someone through thick and thin, no matter what.

For Benson, you can see her get emotional in her own way (which typically means underneath the surface) as she is asked as to whether or not she has a child of her own. This question probably is more pointed to her than it would typically be simply due to what she is going through at the moment with Noah. While she does still have him, at the end of this past episode she did make the decision to allow his grandmother to pay him a visit. She determined in the end that it was better to allow access than going through some lengthy legal battle that would not be good for anyone.

For the record, at some point in this episode Brooke Shields will return as Sheila, and within this storyline we may get more of a sense as to what her real motives are with Noah. Based on the synopsis that is out there for this episode there are still some questions remaining as to whether or not she is interested in getting to know Noah for all of the right reasons.

A programming reminder

This episode of SVU was originally meant to air earlier this week but was delayed due to the World Series. While it may not be ideal to have to wait even longer in order to check out a new episode, it may be for the best in this instance. After all, this allowed an opportunity for the show to not run up against baseball. Hopefully this preview makes the waiting process easier.

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