Celebrity Big Brother US rumors: Is Blac Chyna really going to join?

Black ChynaIs Black Chyna really all that close to joining Celebrity Big Brother for this upcoming season? There are rumors out there…

Yet, for the time being we just don’t see it happening. The reports first came out via Us Weekly that Rob Kardashian’s ex, (a noted reality star and social-media personality) could be someone production is circling. Is that possible? Absolutely, given that Chyna generates headlines almost everywhere she goes — and the same goes for some of the drama that she frequently brings to the table.

It’s with all of this in mind, though, that we must remind you of something that we’ll be pounding the drum here at CarterMatt on for the rest of the year: This is November. Celebrity Big Brother is not going to premiere until the new year, mostly likely February closer to the Winter Olympics. There is no reason to think that CBS and the producers are going to finalize any cast members this far out from the start of the season. There are too many variables that can change! Also, Chyna is probably going to command a very hefty sum to appear on the show and we don’t quite know what the budget is going to be for this first season of the show when nobody knows how this is going to perform in the ratings. It’s a total toss-up — there are good things about that in that there are lower expectations, but it’s so much easier to sell a show like Celebrity Big Brother to celebrities by guaranteeing a degree of success.

One other interesting issue to think about from a casting point of view is this: Anyone who comes onto this show has to be okay with being on live feeds all of the time, knowing that if they say one wrong thing there are a legion of people out there who could ruin their lives. Obviously if someone says something stupid it’s their own fault, but we live in a culture where there are so many people waiting to interpret something you say as negative so that they can take you down and feel like the ultimate keyboard cowboy. If we were a celebrity, we’re not sure the extra fame thought the Big Brother outlet is worth the price of admission.

For the time being we want to know what you think: Is the idea of Blac Chyna on Celebrity Big Brother appealing, or is this something that you would rather not see? Be sure to share in the attached comments! Just remember that whoever is cast on the show there’ll probably be a person or two who bails almost right away — it’s a common occurrence via the UK version of the show.

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