How to Get Away with Murder season 4 episode 7 preview: Finding underdogs

Jimmy SmitsWant to know what lies ahead on Hot to Get Away with Murder season 4 episode 7? Rest assured, it’s another big hour of television! The title here is “Nobody Roots for Goliath,” and that in itself offers up a small sense of where this story is going tonally. There are advantages in court or in life to being perceived as the darkhorse — you want to be able to have that us-against-the-world mentality, given that more often than not it helps you.

If you want to know what’s coming up next time, you really don’t have to look any further than the synopsis CarterMatt has for you below:

When Annalise’s resolve to certify her class action lawsuit is tested, a surprising ally comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Laurel and Michaela hit a roadblock after someone discovers their plans to take down Laurel’s father.

To us, it feels pretty clear that Michaela and Laurel are the ones facing some pretty insurmountable odds — just remember that Laurel’s father has a lot of power and influence on their side, and the moment someone discovers what the two of them are up to it could be curtains for them altogether. They have to watch their backs, be resourceful, and utilize some of what Annalise has taught them over the years. There are probably certain things that Viola Davis’ character does that shouldn’t be replicated, but she is very resourceful and capable of worming herself out of almost any situation.

As for her surprising ally, we would argue that almost anyone at this point is a surprising ally to this character. Just remember for a moment that she’s the sort of person who doesn’t make friends easily and is far more likely to make enemies. She burns bridges and has been especially ruthless ever since the death of Wes nearly a year ago. We don’t sense that things are going to change for her in the slightest coming up. There’s no reason to without a catalyst.

Based on the preview below you’re going to get a sense of the plan Laurel is trying to form against her father. Unfortunately, there is no real mention of the big-time cliffhanger at the end of tonight’s episode with Annalise bleeding out. This is the sort of thing that should make you worry, but you also have to remember that Davis is the star of the show. Would the producers really get rid of her?

What do you want to see on How to Get Away with Murder season 4 episode 7?

Who do you think we are meant to discern as the underdogs in this situation? Let us know now in the comments below!

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