The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 7 review: The Bert and Sheldon collaboration

The Big Bang TheoryTonight on The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 7 we are going to see an unlikely pairing: Sheldon and Bert. They are going to be working together on a project and with how much Sheldon dislikes Bert we expect there to be a few good laughs in here. This season has been really great in putting together unlikely pairings like Sheldon and Howard, or Amy and Howard and with that it’s brought us some great comedy and unexpected growth in these friendships.

The Bert and Sheldon collaboration

When Bert has an interesting project that he needs some help with he goes to Sheldon to collaborate. Although Sheldon says no to him initially, secretly he’s very interested in the project, so he sneaks over to Bert’s office to work with him. Because Sheldon has made his dislike of geologists well known over the years he wants to keep this collaboration a secret, so when Bert finds out that Sheldon is ashamed to work with him he ends the collaboration. Bert may be a guy without a lot of friends, but he sure doesn’t take crap! When Sheldon realizes that he really wants to work on this project with Bert he learns that Leonard has taken his place and Sheldon doesn’t get what he wants. For us, the best Sheldon is a Sheldon that doesn’t get what he wants!

Raj and Ruchi reunite

The last time we saw Ruchi both Raj and Stuart were both trying to date her and she ended up not being interested in dating either of them at that time, but when Raj and Ruchi run into each other at a bar we start to think that maybe she’s going to give Raj a chance after all… well sort of. Ruchi wants to keep things casual. As Raj gets to know Ruchi they get into a deep conversation about love and it opens his eyes to the fact that they are really not on the same page. Her thoughts on love not being anything more then a chemical reaction pushes Raj away from wanting anything more with her – which brings us to Raj’s first casual relationship!

CarterMatt’s over all thoughts

Normally we get a few laughs from this show, but tonight’s episode was pretty hilarious! The jokes about The Bachelor (and then playing the theme song to Bachelor in Paradise) was spot on! The one thing we will say we weren’t thrilled with in this episode was that Penny was relegated to being the advice giver again instead of having a story of her own as she helped Sheldon and Raj through their respective problems.

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