Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 6 review: Jo, Jackson, decisions, and a boat

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 6Thursday night’s Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 6 picked up immediately in the aftermath of last week’s installment. Amelia and Owen addressed their decision to break up and decided to still be friends. While that remains heartbreaking, it is still nice to see Amelia smile for a change. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that.

In speaking about other things that are unusual for this show, how about a medical case where a woman has a gun shoved … well, do we need to really say that? It’s the sort of place things can often get shoved for people entering prison. There were so many funny moments in here, including a back-and-forth between Webber and Carina (one of the most unlikely pairings ever) over all of the odd things that they have pulled out of people over the years.

What also made this story of the “shooting” more interesting was that there was a hypochondriac there to be treated for some made-up illness who ended up getting shot.

There were some other problems going on at the hospital in the episode, including Jo questioning the idea of her getting a promotion to Chief Resident. When she overstepped with a patient we almost wondered if she was intentionally sabotaging herself for the sake of getting out of it? After all, it is a ton of responsibility! That doesn’t turn out to be the case. She just cared about the patient (a judge), and also wanted to forge a connection with him to ask about her own domestic-violence case revolving her ex-husband Paul. She doesn’t want to hide from him anymore and she’s ready to file for divorce.

In circling back to Amelia, what she realized is that no matter what she’s gone through over the past year or two she remains great at what she does. She also doesn’t need medication or anything else to convince her that she can get the job done.

Jackson has a boat

Apparently, Dr. Avery is in the midst of a third-life crisis (he can’t be near mid-life yet, right?) and decided as a result of this that getting a boat would be the best thing for him. As for whether or not that’s really the case, it’s hard to say, but we do think that he is a man who needed some sort of break in order to feel a little better.

It didn’t take too long during this bro-down for us to learn something: Jackson apparently considers Maggie to be a sister. Does this mean that this ‘ship has officially sailed?

What also happened here is that Ben started to get a little bit of beer in him and suddenly decided to tell everyone that he’s been training in secret to become a fireman — and he still hasn’t told his wife about it.

The intern mixer

Eventually the guys on the boat and everyone at the hospital all collectively got together in order to prepare for the same thing — a big welcome to some of the new interns this season. Jackson and company showed up slightly tipsy and still in their street clothes. Also, Owen met Carina even though she’s been at the hospital for weeks. (Oh, and they were also seen making out near the end of the episode.)

The mixer was interrupted by Meredith, who was forced to operate on the judge — unfortunately, he didn’t make it through and Meredith had to transition from watching a man die to learning that she had received a Harper Avery Award nomination.

Jackson, (as a result of his boat trip) decided that he was so desperate to find some competitive spirit that he decided to offer up Bailey a ton of money to start up a surgical competition. Also, Amelia slept with Thomas Koracick … so she’s moving on, too.

CarterMatt Verdict

After the super-sad departure of Martin Henderson from Grey’s Anatomy last week it was nice to actually have an episode where nothing that shocking happened. Most of this felt a little more like a natural evolution of everything we’ve known about for the past several weeks. It was well-executed and we ultimately feel like this was the episode we needed to lighten things up while still feeling like the show we know and love.

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