Chicago Fire season 6 episode 6 review: What happened to Ramon?

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 6The Chicago Fire season 6 fall finale aired on NBC Thursday night, and this episode contained quite a few surprises.

Let’s start off with the biggest cliffhanger at the moment, and that is clearly what happened to Ramon. This is a character whose life may be very well on the line now, based on what happened in the closing seconds of the episode. Dawson discovered him in danger after being called in on what was otherwise a routine rescue.

His current health crisis stems from the character, (yet again) getting in over his head rather than taking things slow in trying to figure out a way to rebuild his life. He did his best to get Dawson to use Casey in order to help him get further ahead in his new company and it backfired. Not only that, but there’s some major tension that is unfolding now around the house between Casey and Dawson as a result of this. Ramon is serving as a serious source of tension between the two.

The show played much of this really well, and offered up a good sense as to what Casey feels in this moment and some of his frustrations. The same goes for Dawson, who is unfortunately stuck in the middle here. She sides with Casey for now, but it’s a tough situation for her. She loves her father and of course wants to do what she can in order to help him live his best life.

Will Ramon survive? The good news is that he’s not dead (at least not yet); unfortunately, he’s in really bad shape and he could die without immediate treatment. The good news is that when the show does come back, it will be after the premiere of Chicago Med and there’s a chance for a crossover if the producers decide that they want one.  Another idea is that maybe this is the thing that brings Antonio back into Ramon’s life after the two have had a lengthy (and also pretty sad) separation. For the record, CarterMatt is going to have a piece with Jon Seda all about this from the recent One Chicago Day press tour we attended in the Windy City.

Is this the end of Hope?

Judging from the way this episode ended it certainly appears as though Hope could be gone. She made a big move to send Stella over to the PR department during tonight’s episode, but the big twist is that she thought she was never going to get caught for it. So much for that. She forged a signature, and thanks to some digging from the other members of firehouse 51 the truth was revealed. As a result of that, she is now out of a job.

We know that there are going to be plenty of people out there celebrating the end of The Hope character, who served as a sense of tension and drama for everyone inside the firehouse. Showrunner Derek Haas really made the perfect analogy for this character earlier this season when we spoke to him, he described her as somebody who wanted everything that Brett had, but really didn’t want to work for it. She tried to fabricate her way to having a great life rather than putting in the work to make that great life happen for her. There really are some good messages that came out of this story!

Meanwhile, it’s very nice to see Stella back at Firehouse 51 rather than serving in the PR department since it really doesn’t suit her. It’s not what she wants to do, and it obviously caused her a ton of stress. As a result of that she went a little bit crazy one night partying and ended up kissing Kelly Severide. Is there going to be a future there? We hope so as someone who roots for Kelly and Stella to be together, but we’re not banking on it in the immediate future. Kelly is just trying to be a good guy right now and take care of her rather than take advantage of her in a moment of weakness. You can tell he is still learning who he is, though he did spend a lot of this episode going back and forth with Casey over his new promotion and some of the drama that came along with that.

This Casey – Severide story may remind you somewhat of the pilot episode where there was tension between the two over some decisions made out in the field. They seem okay now, but hopefully they remain that way.

Introducing Molly’s North

The idea of Molly’s North was brought to the table tonight because of Otis realizing that the bar Mac’s was going out of business. Not only that, but a woman within the bar (the owner’s daughter) caught his eye and there may be some feelings bubbling under the surface there for him. It’s too early to know one way or another as to if anything is going to come from that. It does seem as though Herrmann may be on board with the idea of starting up a new chapter of Molly’s and expanding their business a little bit beyond the flagship location. This is a fun story to watch moving forward and it could be romantic if the chips fall in the right spot.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, the Chicago Fire fall finale was exactly what you would want — a lot of good drama, funny moments, and things to look forward to for the future. We are worried for Ramon, but often this is a show that does its best to make us feel hopeful and optimistic. Let’s hope for the best for him and kudos to Miranda Rae Mayo tonight for a great performance.

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