Shameless season 8 premiere promo: Frank, Fiona’s ‘new starts’

Shameless season 8The Shameless season 8 premiere is coming to Showtime in one week’s time, and when it starts up we have to say that there’s a lot to look forward to! The new promo, (recently released courtesy of the fine folks over at Showtime) offers up a good look at what you’re going to see this season.

When it comes to Frank Gallagher, one of the things that we are going to see is him trying his best to start over — something that he’s often keen to do. It’s easier to shirk responsibility when you can act like a setback is just that — something temporary that happens on the way to reform. He will claim that he’s getting better and that this is just something that caused some trouble for him along the way. It’s easier than trying to actually do something in the vein of trying to change. We’re not sure Frank is capable of that, even though he may claim that he is.

Meanwhile, for Fiona it does seem like her life is finally starting to come together — after all, she is now running her apartments and has something that resembles a long-term career. She is starting to see a life on the other side, and that of course makes us wonder just who could end up being responsible for causing this said life to fall apart.

If you are watching this show for drama, this promo has a little bit of that. Thematically, it hints that you could be seeing change coming in the future. Do we think that this change is actually possible, or is this just a pipe dream? The first few episodes should offer us a clearer picture of what’s to come. There will obviously be hi-jinks and life events that cause characters to fall apart — Fiona will have a setback. Much of her future is dependent now on how she chooses to bounce back from it and if she lets someone else in her family find a way to drag her down.

For now, there is no word on if Shameless season 8 will be the final one for the series; hopefully, more news will be revealed in the near future.

What are you expecting to see on the Shameless season 8 premiere?

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