‘Shiptober: Will The Fosters season 5 feature a Callie – Brandon reunion?

BrallieMrs. Carter: Is there hope for “Brallie” still on The Fosters season 5?

To call Callie and Brandon polarizing would be making a rather large understatement. These two characters, (played by Maia Mitchell and David Lambert) have their staunch supporters as a romantic couple. However, at the same time they also have a number of detractors. There are some who don’t like the fact that they are adoptive siblings now, whereas some others simply prefer them with some other characters. It’s a discussion that began many weeks ago and we imagine that this is a discussion that we will see featured again on the show at some point. We don’t foresee the writers ignoring this just because of Callie’s adoption now being finalized — there’s actually something about this situation that could make it appealing for the writers. It’s edgy and it pushes the envelope, and that is something many networks are looking for in 2017.

Now, there is a difference between bringing the idea of Brallie up on the show again and actually having it happen. This is what the producers for The Fosters will need to decide. In this edition of our CarterMatt – ‘Shiptober series, let’s do our best to lend a helping hand!

Where Brandon and Callie are right now – The state of their relationship is somewhat complicated, to say the least. Brandon and Grace were going strong midway through season 5, but their future is a little more unstable due to a heartbreaking reveal that she is secretly battling cancer. He did everything that he could to give her a great prom, but there is a reason to be concerned for their future since she is not well. Because of that, we certainly don’t want to see him rush off into another relationship. This one, should be his focus right now.

As for Callie, it appears as though things between her and Aaron are falling apart at the seams after he exhibited some seriously-jealous behavior towards her being around AJ. There is a chance of a Callie – AJ reconciliation at some point (he is starting to get involved with her social causes), but nothing seems to be altogether concrete between the two of them at present.

Should Callie and Brandon get together in the second half of season 5? – If they are to have any sort of genuine future we’d argue no. They just aren’t in the right place for it at the moment and doing this would undermine the value of some of the other relationships — especially the one between Grace and Brandon. However, this could be an incentive for many of you to pull for a season 6, not that you really needed a reason to hope for that. Even if they aren’t together, there could be more of a chance for the show to address the relationship and where it stands.

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