Scorpion season 4 episode 6 review: Paige teaches Walter consideration for others

scorpionTonight on Scorpion season 4 episode 6 we are going to dive further into Walter and Paige’s relationship, so that should make all of the Waige shippers out there happy… well sort of.  While they are going to be moving forward in the relationship, they are also going to be facing some further roadblocks tonight.

Who wants a ghost story?

The case of the week brings us into a really fun ghost story which is perfect for Halloween! A new show called “Ghost Grabbers” is willing to pay the team to help them prove the presence of ghosts on a haunted ship called the Queen Mary. Not only do they want their tech, they also want the team to be on TV since they think that scientists are the best people to prove their theory that ghosts are real (if you can convince a scientist that spirits exist then that’s TV gold!). Walter wants nothing to do this and it puts more pressure on Walter and Paige’s relationship due to a recent issue they had while out on a date.

Walter and Paige problems

They went to one of Paige’s friends concerts and while he was there in body, he wasn’t there in spirit as he was secretly listening to a lecture. This has caused a real rift between them and Paige is doing her best to make sure that he knows she’s upset with his behavior. Of course it goes right over his head and Toby has to spell it out for him. He calls her and apologizes for what he did, but in a very Walter way that makes the situation worse. When Paige shows Walter that she’s listened to the same lecture in order to take an interest in the things he likes it opens his eyes further to why what he did was a problem. Later he downloads Paige’s friend’s album for them to listen to together – also he bought a guitar!

CarterMatt’s overall thoughts

Ultimately, we want Paige and Walter to be happy together, but with all relationships there are going to be bumps in the road – and with this relationship there are going to be more than most. Walter has a lot of growing to do still, but we think that Paige is just the right woman to be by his side through this journey. She knows what’s she’s getting into with Walter, so even though his insensitivity can be frustrating, she knew this was going to be a test of patience since the beginning.

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