Sense8 season 3 movie underway — and it’s spanning multiple countries

Sense8 season 3 movie

While there may not be a Sense8 season 3 coming at you in a traditional form (where you’re binge watching the entire series in a day while in your pajamas eating a Costco sized bin of cheesy puffs), you’re still getting something and that’s worth of a celebration.

Earlier this year, Netflix made the remarkable decision to reverse their show’s cancellation for at least long enough to give everyone a two-hour farewell movie — this serves effectively as season 3, and it offers up some of the closure that we know many people out there want. This allow fans to have a proper goodbye to a show that they’ve come to love and a show that brings so many different people together.

We know that production is now underway for the movie, and in true Sense8 fashion, it looks as though it’s going to be as ambitious as humanly possible. There is filming going on in Naples, Italy right now, but prior than that there was also work being done in France. Whether or not these two countries are going to be the entire tapestry of the movie remains to be seen, but there are other intriguing possibilities out there. This show was notorious for filming across several continents, and also being one of the costlier endeavors on Netflix because of it. The good thing that comes out of this was that the end product was one of the most visually stunning shows that Netflix has ever put on the air and we have a pretty good feeling that one way or another, this series is going to stand the test of time in ways that some others do not. There’s something about this show that has an ability to transcend.

For now, CarterMatt’s hope is that Sense8 will stream its final story at some point in 2018; once there is more news to offer, we will have it for you here – Cheesy puffs not included.

What do you want to see in the Sense8 season 3 movie when it airs, and do you think that there is any way that Netflix can actually tie together all of these loose ends in the amount of time they have? Share with us in the comment section below.

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