Good Behavior season 2 episode 3 review: Not-so-happy holidays

Good Behavior season 2 episode 3 reviewFor most of Good Behavior season 2 episode 3 (airing on TNT Sunday night), you were probably starting to get a good sense that everything was going a little too easy for Letty and Javier. They were having a good time with each other after being invited up to a mountain retreat — they were separate from some of their commitments to Jacob and they could just enjoy what was in front of them — at least to a certain extent. Letty did still forget to give her son a gift for Christmas so she had to find a way to get a puppy sent over to him STAT. Her figuring out that this was her get-out-of-jail-free card was one of many really funny moments that we got to see play out over the course of this episode.

See how happy everyone looks in this photo above? It completely makes you forget about the fact that much of this story was a setup for Javier to get arrested. All of this felt like the classic sting operation from a movie — you had the suspicious guy that the FBI knew that Javier would target, you had little clues that could be pieced together over time, and you also Leshever staying nearby. Javier didn’t see this coming until it was too late, and unfortunately, Letty acted out the moment that she saw him being arrested, opting to point Javier’s golden gun at Rhonda — causing her be arrested.

Presumably, this changes everything — can Jacob get into school now, and will he even get a chance to be with his mother ever again? We do think that there is a lot of humor within this show and Chad Hodge/the rest of the writers are going to bog the show down if it  remains in darkness for too long. Still, you can’t gloss too much over the fact that Letty and Javier are fairly-terrible people who have done some terrible things. It’s only partially easy to forget about this when you think about some of their little charming moments, including Letty trying to help out Rob by organizing a heist where he pretended to be an elf to her “Mrs. Claus,” roaming around people’s rooms. Was it a little ridiculous that people would give their room numbers to some dude in an elf hat? Sure, but maybe these people were in the Christmas spirit.

Ultimately, in just three episodes the entire foundation of Good Behaivor has been shaken to its core. For anyone who loves drama, that’s exciting.

CarterMatt Verdict

We really enjoyed this episode. With that, we’re increasingly bitter now that there is such a small overall audience for this show still. It has everything you could want — great characters, twists, humor, and drama. Plus, Michelle Dockery is consistently amazing no matter what she’s doing.

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