Blue Bloods season 8: Vanessa Ray on the state of Eddie, Jamie

Blue Bloods season 8

If you are to look around the internet at this particular point in time, one of the things that you will more than likely see is that this pairing, entitled “Jamko” for short, is one of the most-popular ‘ships that is out there out of any show on CBS. There are many people who want to see these two together, and probable one of the reasons why this ‘ship continues to have traction is because the writers keep you wanting more. The itch never gets completely scratched; there were little teases of it here and there last season, but nothing that was so substantial that it really satisfied the craving. They still work together, and they are still not together romantically.

Unfortunately, the big problem with this pairing at the moment seems to be that in one way or another the relationships are mutually exclusive. Jamie and Eddie cannot seem to be both partners on the force and partners off of it. That’s the risk that they run, and that’s something that Vanessa Ray discussed more recently to TVLine:

“The Will They/Won’t They thing is fun for us to play. We’ll get a script and be like, ‘Oh! They’re have a scene where they talk about their relationship. What’s going to happen?’ … The reality is that in real life, we would not be able to work together [if we were a romantic couple], and that’s a very fun thing to play with because they love working together. They’re first and foremost best friends, and amazing partners.”

Maybe if Jamie and Eddie were a little more fast and loose with the rules they could find a way to figure this out, right? We know that for us personally, there is something very fun that would come out of getting an opportunity to see these two decide to be a couple only to then try and hide it. Then, down the road have Frank find out the truth and make some sort of determination as to whether or not they could be together. Couldn’t some rules be broken in the right circumstance? We don’t necessarily think too many would mind out there if these two had both a personal and working relationship at the same time.

(Photo: CBS.)

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