Major Crimes interview: Kathe Mazur on Andrea Hobbs’ season 6 role

Kathe Mazur

We’re getting near the end of our Major Crimes Month interview series — it’s sad, but it’s been a great ride! We’ve loved being able to present you with a wide array of short interviews with the majority of the show’s cast.

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Kathe Mazur, who has played the character of Andrea Hobbs brilliantly over the years. Her role first originated on The Closer back in 2009, but since that time she’s come over to the spin-off and appeared in over forty episodes. Her journey is not over on Major Crimes, either, as you’re going to be seeing her at some point over the final thirteen episodes.

Below, Mazur speaks out about what her character will be up to, plus also shares a really touching moment where she realized that she was really a part of the Major Crimes family. (This interview, like the others we’ve done, is from the Major Crimes 100th episode party earlier this month.)

CarterMatt – This is a party celebrating the 100th episode but there’s also the news of the show ending. Does this feel almost like double the reflection?

Kathe Mazur – That’s exactly what it is — that’s a great way to describe it. There’s this huge celebration and this goodbye at the same time. It’s all leading to this time of appreciating each other and appreciating this whole thing, which is what we’ve been doing. We’re going out with a lot of love.

What sort of way could Andrea Hobbs integrate herself into the final episodes?

I think that we’re going to see DDA Andrea Hobbs come up against some challenges that even her tough exterior doesn’t know how to handle.

That’s what I was wondering — what could they do to her that they haven’t challenged her with already?

They figure it out. I think the character really gets to go through some things that the fans haven’t gotten to see; I get to go through some things that I haven’t gotten to do as her. It’s a terrific season for Andrea Hobbs.

Looking back at this ride, is there a moment, is there a scene that you’ll remember for the rest of your career?

This is very personal, but I remember walking onto the set to work one day and hearing G.W. Bailey, who plays Provenza, [say something]. He was working on a scene and I heard him say ‘do we have to say DDA? We all know who she is! Can’t we just call her Hobbs?’. I was like ‘oh my god — I’m just Hobbs!’ (laughs). I felt like I had arrived. The next moment came when Mary [McDonnell] said ‘I’m just going to call her Andrea.’ Now, I’m just Andrea. That’s the love trajectory of my character.

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