Chicago Fire season 6 episode 5 review: Hope’s true colors; Casey’s crisis

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 5Tonight, Chicago Fire season 6 episode 5 gave us a good sense of just what can happen when someone in the Firehouse gets a promotion. It changes the entire dynamic of the workplace, and the prime example for that was with Casey and Severide.

After getting the recent promotion to Captain, one of the things that we really started to see with Casey here was that he was having trouble getting Kelly to follow instructions — eventually, an instruction became an order. Casey didn’t want to listen to Severide’s suggestion for how to deal with an issue on the scene, and what he learned after that was that Boden wasn’t really all that interested in helping out.

Things went from bad to worse for Casey when the victim that he and Kelly helped at the scene ended up being in such a state that they would need to lose a limb — and Kelly believes that had he done things his way rather than Casey’s, that wouldn’t have happened.

Over time Casey’s stress started to take over and he let loose on just about everything and everyone — including Ramon at home and, by association, Dawson. He had to figure out in order to pull himself together. Eventually, he came to Kelly with some honesty and as a friend, and that made it easier for Kelly to come at him the same way. We’re not sure their relationship will be the same as it was two weeks ago, but maybe they’ll be able to function better in the near future.

The story of Hope, Brett, and Stella

The word “untenable” is one that Boden used at one point to express some of his concerns about the relationship between Casey and Severide — but it also applied well to Stella and Hope. Stella was convinced for most of the episode that Hope had stolen her check, but that turned out to not be the case given that she found a way to get it for her without her having to wait for weeks and lean on Severide.

Does this mean that everything is resolved for Hope and Stella? Doubtful, but maybe this cools the ice for the time being.

At first, it seemed to be a good thing that happened for Brett tonight in the episode — she managed to get a date invitation from the doctor who was off-duty but there at the scene of a rescue. Oh wait … did we call this a good thing? It’s really not, since he was a married dude who was trying to hit her up without anyone knowing.

Here is where things got interesting: Brett accused Hope of intentionally losing the check and finding it so that she could get in good with Stella, ensuring that she had erased one final enemy. As it turns out, Brett was right — Hope did do this intentionally. This is her true colors coming out.

Your Otis storyline of the week

This was fun! More than that, it was a reminder that having an innovative robot from Japan to help with firefighting doesn’t mean that it will know how to actually do the job. It was terrible! The true thing that Otis figured out about himself this week is that as cute as his little robot was, it was no substitute for what he was good at: Being a good driver and making sure the truck was where it needed to be when it needed to be there.

CarterMatt Verdict

We honestly don’t know where things are going with some stories on the show — take for instance Hope and Stella given everything we saw tonight. Nonetheless, this was once again another super-compelling hour of Chicago Fire with a lot of interesting twists.

What’s coming on Chicago Fire season 6 episode 6?

If you do want to get some more news about it, be sure to head over to the link here right now! (Let’s just make it clear that there is another big Stella episode coming up.)

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