Blue Bloods season 8 episode 5 sneak peek: Jamie Reagan’s war on drugs

Jamie ReaganBlue Bloods season 8 episode 5 is airing tonight on CBS, and it’s looking as though it will be the best Jamie Reagan episode since the premiere – which is something that all of us at CarterMatt can really appreciate since we love his character.

For a little more insight on that, all you have to do is take a look at the new video below! It’s a classic Reagan family dinner scene and while we’ve seen Will Estes in a few of these as of late, this one is different because it feels like he’s the person really taking center stage on it. He introduces the main subject of conversation here — drugs. To be specific, the sheer number of drug-related calls that he and the department receives these days. Is this a time where there are more people using drugs, or is this just a time when there is more awareness of it and more people willing to speak up? As a result of that, there could be more people having drug-related conversations than ever before and getting those conversations going is a good step towards bringing an end to it.

For those of you who are nostalgic — and we know that there are many Blue Bloods viewers out there who are — this could be a great episode for you. This serves as an opportunity to have some conversations about the “old way of doing things” mixed with the way that things are now. Was the old way better? In terms of Reagan family dinners, this is one of the more interesting topics, especially with all the different generations having very strong opinions.

Let’s get back now to why this conversation subject matters so much to Jamie — it’s tied to one of the latest cases that he is working on. He does everything he can in order to help a woman after an overdose, but the consequences of some of his actions are not exactly what he anticipates them to be. This isn’t a result of inexperience given that Jamie definitely knows what he’s doing at this point when it comes to being out in the field trying to solve cases. This is more just the struggles that come courtesy of someone who wants to do everything that they can to help; you form a picture in your mind of what you want the end result of your efforts to be, but it doesn’t exactly go according to plan all of the time.

We’re excited to see this story play out at CarterMatt — be sure to check back on Friday to read our full review!

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