Stranger Things season 2 gets an after-show: Beyond Stranger Things

Stranger Things 2Stranger Things season 2 is going to be kicking off on October 27th and after all the hype around last season many fans are expecting big things from this new installment of episodes. With the show being as big as it is it only makes sense for Netflix to want to cash in on as many Stranger Things properties as it possibly can so the news that we have here at CarterMatt for you today should not be much of a surprise to anyone.

If you love after shows like the Talking Dead (and really, who doesn’t love an after-show about their favorite series?) then you’ll be happy to know that Netflix is going to be bringing you a Stranger Things after show. According to the Hollywood Reporter there’s going to be an after show called Beyond Stranger Things¬†where the cast and crew will talk about the show, what happened this season, things that happened behind the scenes and maybe some funny stories. All the typical fun stuff that you get from an after-show.

This will be the first time that Netflix is going to be dipping their toes into the after-show pool and makes a lot of sense considering how popular after-shows are right now and in some cases even more popular than the shows depending on who the host is going to be. In this case it will be Jim Rash who has been in the television industry a long time as a writer, producer and actor, so we are pretty excited about this choice. One of the things that Beyond Stranger Things already has going for it is that the production company behind it is the same production company behind the Talking Dead which has been a huge hit.

Where things get really interesting with this particular after-show is that this is on a streaming service, so it’s advisable not to watch it until after you have streamed the entire second season of Stranger Things, because obviously it will be filled with spoilers from the new season.

We are actually a little surprised that this is the first time Netflix has decided to jump into the after-show game considering that they’ve had other major properties that are incredibly successful like Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, but with Stranger Things being a genre show much like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones (who both have had after shows) it makes some sense that they would decide to go with Stranger Things over some of the more well-established properties. That being said we would happily campaign for an Orange is the New Black after-show – Orange is the New After-Show?

If you’re fan of Stranger Things then this after-show is definitely going to be something that you’re going to want to check out. After-shows are a lot of fun and with a cast as great as this one we expect there to be a lot of amazing background stories, fun things that happened on set, a way to gain a greater insight on the show and even where they want to take the show moving into season 3.

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