Major Crimes interview: G.W. Bailey reflects on all things Provenza

G.W. Bailey

In today’s edition of our Major Crimes Month interview series we’re looking at a man in G.W. Bailey who has wonderfully played Louie Provenza — and for more than 200 episodes! He started off on The Closer before heading over to Major Crimes, and on October 31 the sixth and final season is set to premiere on TNT.

In the interview below Bailey discusses his experiences playing Provenza on the show, his perceived evolution of the character, and also what makes this upcoming batch of episodes so unique and different from the rest. If you love Provenza as much as we do, hopefully you’ll enjoy this! (If you haven’t seen our other interviews note that this was conducted earlier this month at the 100th episode party, days after the cancellation news first came out … hence the first question.)

CarterMatt – What are you thinking about everything that has transpired over this past week?

G.W. Bailey – Well, we just don’t have any control over it — you don’t wanna know what I think (laughs).

The Provenza we see now — is that the same Provenza you envisioned so many years ago on The Closer?

He really is. He’s the same guy. He’s seen of the world and he’s much of what goes on, but he never ceases to be surprised and he never ceases to learn something — although he does it slowly and begrudgingly at times. He’s a great guy.

So where do we see him when season 6 picks up?

Season 6 is very unique. It’s unique that we close on this because [we’re doing arcs] of four, five, and then four [episodes]. It’s much more of a serial than a procedural. We’ll have blocks where we’re after the same person [for multiple episodes]. It’s been challenging filming them — it’s a challenge for them to write them — but it’s also a challenge to act in them and that’s fun.

One of the Provenza memories that I really love and I know a lot of people do is the Patrice wedding. Can you describe your memories filming that?

It was both joyful and emotional — [Dawnn Lewis] is a wonderful lady … That makes it easier to play. We had a lot of fun.

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