Good Behavior season 2 episode 2 review: The race to commit a crime

“Men pee together. ”

Yep, this was a line that we had a chance to see on Good Behavior season 2 episode 2, an episode that may go down as one of the funniest ones that we’ve had a chance to see on the TNT drama to date. This was a show that featured a lot of different conflicts over the course of the hour, but the one that we are probably going to remember the most is the one that was effectively a race to see who could commit a crime the fastest in order to get Michael the $20,000 needed in order for him to get into an expensive private school.

At first, it seemed as though Letty had the leg up — at least until Javier made it clear that he wanted to go on a “camping trip” that was really just code for “let me get a tent so I can murder someone and then get the money myself.” This episode turned soon after that into an entertaining romp, one where we saw Letty do everything in her power to stop Javier from going through whatever it was the he was planning to do. One of her plans was especially entertaining, given that it involved her trying to bond with his target faster than Javier could.

Things did get a little bit problematic later when Apple and her mother turned up, especially since the original was to use them to help take care of Michael while Javier and Letty were off trying to do what they needed to.

The biggest problem of the episode

Apple actually saw the target jump off a cliff, and the problem there was how it put Michael in a position where he actually had to lie and convince her that she was drunk and her eyes were playing a trick on her. (Did he really know what happened or was just trying to defend Javier regardless? That’s a good question.)

Basically, the whole story of this episode yet again was that Letty and Javier, no matter how badly they may claim that they want to escape this life, somehow still find a way to dive back into their old happens. They haven’t changed and because they don’t have many real-life skills it’s hard for them to navigate around normal situations. They don’t actually know all that much when it comes to the proper way to survive.

CarterMatt Verdict

Good Behavior season 2 episode 2 proved itself, once again, to be very entertaining — and also an indictment of its main characters. To think, this episode blew by almost like it was only thirty seconds long.

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