Chicago Fire season 6 episode 4 review: Dawson and Casey’s hero moments

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 4 reviewChicago Fire season 6 episode 4 was a story of many things, but above all else it was a story of heroism and a reminder of who these characters are.

The irony at the center of it was that heroism was presented in two different ways over the hour — there was the public heroism that was celebrated, a culmination of heroic events in episodes past, and then also heroism on the ground floor. Will Gabriella Dawson ever get the recognition she deserves for saving so many lives in that parking structure? It’s hard to say but consider the circumstances. She had no ambulance, and she went in there specifically to help others. She didn’t stumble in there by accident. Her heroism was clear, present, and difficult. She had limited resources and had to deal with everything from racism to health issues in order to get everyone out of there in the end.

Dawson was a hero — Casey’s also been a hero, and we saw that as recently as this past week. The moment of him recognizing her at the end was powerful in that he gave her a ceremony of her own — or at least as much as he could have. Both deserve that moment in the sun.

As for Captain Casey, maybe this episode gave us a tease of a more authoritative man, one who doesn’t want animal mascots in the firehouse (bad luck on that part) and wants to make sure that everything is taken care of as efficiently as possible. Severide also congratulated him on the honor, and we’re very curious in the long term to see how this relationship unfolds given that this is one of the first times that Kelly has been outranked by Casey during the show’s run.

Is there hope for Hope?

We feel for Brett since it’s pretty clear that her old friend is playing her like a country fiddle. Hope told her that the “stealing money” from her old job was just the consequence of a nasty mix-up that came from her forming an inappropriate relationship with her boss. It’s fine to believe people on some level, but you also need to be suspicious until you have the facts. The right thing to do here is probably be some sort of combination of both Hope and Brett, to question things but also recognize that there’s a possibility of truth somewhere in there.

For now, though, it just feels like Hope is worming her way into 51 to con everyone on some level. How that unfolds remains to be seen.

Overall Take

This episode did have some humor in Hermann, Otis, and Capp’s firehouse antics — we loved Capp questioning Casey on what he should be called to avoid confusion — but there were some powerful moments in here, as well. With the ceremony at the end this could’ve been some sort of milestone episode. In the end, though, it’s really just more a reminder of how close and tight-knit 51 one is and how, in life, we really should celebrate our heroes.

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