Blue Bloods season 8 episode 4 sneak peek: Garrett gets swatted

Blue Bloods season 8

Remember when swatting was a big thing? It’s going to be coming back on Blue Bloods season 8 episode 4 in a way that causes some trouble.

In the sneak peek below (via CBS), you can see Garrett deal with the aftereffects of Garrett finding himself the victim of an attack. If you haven’t heard of swatting, basically what that means is that the SWAT team coming to your house and treating it as though there is a major crisis there when it’s not. It’s one of the most dangerous potential pranks you can pull on someone — it’s easy for a SWAT team to misinterpret something that you do in this situation as creating a hostile environment. They can put you down before you have a second or two to convince them that you’re not dangerous and have no idea at all as to what is going on.

In this preview it’s clear that Frank is concerned about his friend, as he should be. He wants to understand what happened — typically, swatting only happens with non-celebrities when there is a very specific motive for it. Is there someone out there with an axe to grind against him, whether it be due to the separation or some other reason? It should be painfully obvious to everyone, unfortunately, that Garrett being in the NYPD makes him into a target. After all, virtually everyone associated with the NYPD is, in some shape or form, a target. The sentiment towards police is not a positive one. Someone who is anti-cop may have just found his name in a listing someone and decided to torture him as retaliation for something in the past.

Regardless of the reason this sneak peek clearly shows Garrett shaken up, and also Frank doing everything that he can in order to talk him down — though Frank’s bedside manner leaves a little bit of something to be desired. The only thing that he can effectively do is figure out a way in which to convince him that the sky isn’t falling completely — he just needs to take care of Cynthia and let the NYPD do their job pinpointing what happened.

For Frank, what you will see from him in this episode is him take a more active role in an investigation than he often does. Given that he views this as a little more of a personal attack than some other cases, he will do everything in his power in order to get some answers.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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