Salvation season 2 renewal official at CBS

Salvation season 2 renewalFor those of you hoping to get some Salvation season 2 renewal news, here it is! Today, CBS made the episode order official.

While the summer series — which counted Hawaii Five-0 actor Ian Anthony Dale among its main cast members — did not necessarily hit a home run in the ratings over the past several months, it clearly built enough of an audience for network executives to be satisfied. It also had two other important things going for it here.

1. Expectations – It’s the summer, and what we’ve seen over time with CBS is that this means that they’re not anywhere near as pie-in-the-sky when it comes to how they think some of their shows are going to fair. They absolutely seemed to be aware that the numbers would be a little bit lower here than in the spring or the fall, and that brings us to our next point.

2. Streaming – One of the biggest things that we’ve see Salvation have going for it is that it has a nice streaming deal to get episodes online fast. With that, it also gets a nice amount of cash per episode. This arrangement is in part what helped Zoo survive this long in the summer — though at the moment it’s not altogether clear as to whether or not Zoo is going to be back for another season. We hope that Zoo also gets another renewal in the near future, but at the moment there is no word one way or another as to its fate.

The second season of Salvation is going to most likely premiere on CBS next summer. With the timing of the renewal, one of the things we get the sense of here is that the writers will have the scripts together in plenty of time for the show to air in its typical spot.

As for a potential Salvation season 3, this is something that we’re going to have a chance to learn more about and discuss at some point in the summer of 2018. For now, just be excited and speculate away as to what is coming up.

What did you think about the Salvation season 2 renewal news, and do you think that the show could produce even better numbers for when it comes back? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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