‘Shiptober: What Longmire season 6 should offer Walt and Vic

Walt and VicMrs. Carter: What is coming for Walt and Vic on Longmire season 6?

In one way or another, we’ve had a long time to think about where the two of them stand. After all, this is the second ‘Shiptober article we’ve had a chance to write at CarterMatt since season 5 aired — there hasn’t been any new content over the course of this past year.

Yet, there are still some new things to discuss when it comes to these characters today, with much of it stemming from the recent season 6 trailer that was released by Netflix. In it, we learned that Vic still hasn’t told Walt that she is pregnant; not only that, but she makes it clear to him that even if he loses everything in his life as a result of the wrongful-death lawsuit, she will still have her at his side. She didn’t say that she wanted to be with him romantically within that moment, but this was similar to other profession of “feelings” that we’ve seen from her over time.

Ultimately, this moment in the trailer makes it clear to us that Vic does still have some feelings for Walt, but the jury is still out on whether or not he will feel the same. He hasn’t really taken the time to view Vic in this way, and maybe he’s wary of it because of her working for him. Walt is very old-school, and as a result of that he probably is even slower to realize things than most.

What could cause him to consider these feelings differently? Maybe someone else clues him in, the two are trapped together for an extended period of time on a case, or Walt just ultimately realizes that no matter what he’s going through, she is someone who is constantly there for him. That means so much more to him than he will ever probably admit.

Do we think that the Walt / Vic pairing will come to fruition this season?

We do think there is a reasonably good chance — though with that said, we would have a hard time imagining that the show would focus more than a couple of episodes on it. After all, Longmire isn’t a romance per se — it’s a crime show that gets pretty dark and gritty sometimes. The romance within the series is important, but there are a wide array of other things constantly happening here that cannot be ignored. We’ll see what happens come next month when the show finally returns to Netflix.

What do you think the future should hold for Walt and Vic?

Do you think that these characters should end up together in the end? Let us know some of your thoughts in the comments below!

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