Major Crimes interview: Leonard Roberts on Mason’s season 6 story

Leonard Roberts

Major Crimes season 6 is premiering on TNT on October 31, and in the latest interview as a part of our Major Crimes Month series we’ve got none other then Leonard Roberts featured today! Leo Mason is now the Assistant Chief for the LAPD moving into season 6, and following his arc at the end of last season you’re going to see plenty more of him in the episodes ahead.

Below, you can see what Roberts had to say at the 100th episode party earlier this month about his character, about working with Mary McDonnell, and also about how Mason isn’t nearly as sinister as some fans out there may think entering this new batch of episodes. (He really isn’t out to cause any trouble!)

CarterMatt – How much more are we going to be able to get to know Mason on season 6?

Leonard Roberts – You’re going to see a lot of what Mason is going through. Coming into the Division, trying to assume command, and dealing with this very tight-knit group. It’s funny — I’m noticing a lot of people on social media are skeptical. They are a little on edge about what Mason’s intentions are. I think they’ll all be satisfied as we go through season 6.

They’ll be able to breathe a little bit.

Yeah. I’m one of the good guys!

You had some really good scenes with Mary [McDonnell] last season as you guys had a chance to build that dynamic. Now that things are settled a little bit, has their relationship shifted or evolved in any way?

There’s some friction and some growing/stretching pains. They’re trying to still figure out what the Division [now] is about. But, I think at the core of Mason and Raydor’s relationship is some deep-seeded respect. There may be some tension there, but we’re both fighting for the same team.

Have you had a chance to do some great things with some of the other cast members and build relationships there?

Some. We got some interesting things [coming up]. It’s always fun getting the scripts and seeing who I’m going to be interacting with from episode to episode. I’ve just about interacted with everybody. I’ve had some nice little moments with about everybody.

What’s the mood been like on the show since [the cancellation news] first broke? Is there a sense of celebration?

Always. It hasn’t left this group. There is such a sense of gratitude, and for the fans, everyone in the fan base loves and supports this show. That’s a high that we haven’t come down from. No amount of sobering news can flip that. We’re on a cloud.

What are you circling next once the episodes are done?

For now I’m just going to rest! We’ve had some intense episodes and some things that have gone down. It’s been a lot to process. I just want to stop, take stock, and revel in how great of an experience this has been.

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