The Toy Box preview: Atom Ball, Rocket Pockets, Hugalopes, Botallions

hugalopesOn tonight’s The Toy Box, Atom Ball, Rocket Pockets, Hugalopes, Botallions, Water Constructor, and more toys will be getting their moment in the sun — and in front of the kids. Only one of them is going to get a chance to move forward, but as we’ve learned through some visits to the Toys R Us website the past few weeks there are a few different toys from the first season on sale. What this tells us more so than anything is that even if the kids in the Toy Box aren’t huge fans there may still be a second life. This show is mostly a testing ground, but like many other competitions out there the winner is not necessarily the one that will be the most successful in the end.

Here are the toys that will presented to some of the kids tonight.

Chainy Charms – a series of collectible and tradeable charms with inspiration from the ‘80s and Japanese pop culture
Inventor: Lizzy from Las Vegas, Nevada

Are charms still a thing? We’re probably going to find out in this appearance. It’s not something we’ve really heard about over the past ten or so years, but the thing to remember here is that we haven’t been a kid in a long time. Our perception of what is great and what isn’t is probably a little bit skewed.

Rocket Pockets – an easily transportable 18-hole raft that can be used for various carnival games to play in your own home
Inventor: Gary and Nan from Tampa, Florida

The name of this just reminds us of Hot Pockets and therefore makes us hungry (don’t judge us). The idea of portable carnival games does sound appealing since multi-use products are the way to go.

Fortune Spinner – a pocket-sized game that combines the mysterious fun of the Magic 8 Ball with the body of a fidget spinner 
Inventor: Mark from Cincinnati, Ohio

We’re only three episodes into this season and there are already two toys with similarities to fidget spinners. We probably shouldn’t be all that shocked by this.

Hugalopes – a re-adjustable, furry stuffed animal with add-on parts available 
Inventor: Jazz from Oakland, California

The idea sounds like fun, but can Hugalopes survive the fact that there are thousands of other stuffed animal products out there?

Water Constructor – a build-it-yourself set of sprinkler tubes 
Inventor: Steven and Damaris from Logan, Utah

The cool thing here is that it could be fun but also could encourage engineering — these sort of deceptively-educational toys are wise choices for parents who want their kids to develop a skill at an early age.
Botallions – a fast-paced tabletop strategy game
Inventor: Colin from Reno, Nevada

This is all based on the rules. Nothing more, nothing less.

Atom Ball – a multifunctional, voice-activated entertainment device 
Inventor: Robert from Baytown, Texas

So is this almost Amazon Echo: Kid Edition? Voice activation technology has clearly come a long way; it used to be woefully inaccurate!

Do any of these Toy Box products excite you on a superficial level? Share in the comments!

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