Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 2: Is Emma Swan pregnant?

Is Emma Swan pregnantMrs. Carter: Is Emma Swan pregnant on Once Upon a Time?

We know that for many people out there, there are questions about this possible reveal for Jennifer Morrison’s character … and the latest sneak peek below from Friday night’s new episode may only further along a lot of this speculation.

If you look below (via TVLine), you can see the sneak peek in question as Emma approaches the adult version of her son Henry bearing what is some very important news. As for what it is, the show isn’t dishing on all of that information (mostly because the sneak peek ends too soon), but pregnancy is some of the things being speculated the most for a few different reasons.

1. Other promotional photos – There is one image out there for the episode that seems to be showing Emma holding her stomach in a way that suggests that she could be.

2. The motivation to see Henry – Typically when you’ve got big news, there are only a few varieties of it that you would want to report in person.

3. This being the perfect ending to her story for the time being – Just think for a moment on the subject of this being Morrison’s last episode on the show — or so it seems to be. How could the writers come up with the proper way to write this character out of the show? Giving her a happy ending could be one way to do that, and another pregnancy could be allowing this story to go full-circle. She’ll have a chance to do something that she wasn’t able to do with Henry for the first few years of his life, and that is actually raise him.

What’s the flip side of this?

Well, a whole lot of that depends on the way in which the story is told when it comes to Hook. Did Hook somehow end up in Hyperion Heights not all that long after the kid was born? It certainly seems that way and with that in mind, Killian could be forced to grow up away from his son. While Emma may have had some sort of happy ending, it could end up being complicated. Many things with this show are, even if we do still remain reasonably hopeful in terms of the future of the show.

Once way or another, you better believe that the Once Upon a Time episode on Friday is must-see TV if you enjoy the show and the Emma character.

What do you think about this Once Upon a Time sneak peek? Do you think that Emma Swan is pregnant based on some of the news that is out there? Share right now in the attached comments!

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