Jason Alexander reveals if Seinfeld is returning, Tina Fey on Great News, Kate Hudson’s short hair

SeinfeldOn Thursday night the heavy drama episodes can be found on ABC. With Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder filling the primetime schedule. You know that the holidays are around the corner when watching CBS, as well. The return of Thursday night football has viewers glued to the TV the entire evening as the sport takes over the channel. If drama and sports don’t fulfill your TV quota, consider NBC with a night of comedies. The return of Will & Grace has loyal fans once again blocking out the evening to enjoy every new episode.

Jason Alexander reveals if Seinfeld is returning

Will Seinfeld ever return to TV? This question was asked to Jason Alexander and the actor didn’t say no. In fact, he elaborated on how he felt about the ending and shared how ironic it was that he’d still be in jail years later. One interesting point Jason made was how a new episode needs special input to be considered. It appears that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David would need to write another episode to make this dream a possibility. And would Alexander be willing to return to his role? Yes, it appears he would in a heartbeat.

Tina Fey on Great News

Tina Fey has a pulse on the current society and what viewers will see tonight on NBC proves it. On Thursday night Great News will be tackling sexual harassment in the workplace with Tina playing an aggressive and powerful female executive. Obviously this episode was written months ago, but it does oddly reflect on the current news events in Hollywood. If writers could have known this would have been such an issue, they probably would have wanted this episode to air weeks ago. Isn’t it amazing how TV continues to parallel our world today?

Kate Hudson’s short hair

Have you seen Kate Hudson’s short hair? This new hairstyle of the popular celebrity was a bit of a shocker when she was interviewed on The Ellen Show. Typically known for her long, golden look, Hudson looked great a short hair look too. She explained her reason for her new look, and that her hair was completely shaved and now it’s starting to grow in once again. It’s hard to believe the sacrifices the stars make to become different characters. On one hand it might be scary, but it must be very liberating to chop it all off and see what new hairstyles can be considered. Take a peek at the video to see Kate Hudson’s short hair!

And Finally…The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular

If you like Halloween and want to watch a fun special for the entire family, don’t miss The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular. This fun special is currently broadcast on the Disney Channel (with many times to catch it as Halloween gets closer). It was about 2am when I saw it the other night and I admit I even fired up the DVR so I can watch it again. This is going to be one of those Halloween specials fans will be wanting to see year after year as it caters to the whole family. If you get the chance to see it, make sure you invite the kids. You’ll have a great time enjoying the program together.

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