Why is there no Homeland season 7 premiere date yet on Showtime?

Homeland season 7 premiere dateIt’s the middle of October, so why hasn’t Showtime made a Homeland season 7 premiere date announcement yet? That, dear readers, is certainly a great question. At this point last year, we’d known for a while when season 6 was going to premiere the following winter. Yet, everything has been fairly mum on the network camp here.

Is this a sign that Homeland will return later than January 15, when it came on earlier this year? It makes sense to think that way, but it’s far from a guarantee. It’s actually rather unusual for networks to announce premiere dates, unless it’s a major network talking about their fall schedule, like what Showtime did with Homeland season 6. We consider that more of an aberration than what they are doing when it comes to season.

With this said, if there is no Homeland season 7 premiere date announcement out there by Thanksgiving we will start to sound a few assorted alarms at that point that the premiere date could be a little bit later. The one thing that we know is that the show is currently filming in Virginia, and we hope that there will be some more announcements as to the general themes of this story before too long. We are very much familiar with the fact that this is a show that does like to keep many secrets, and also likes to make some of its stories super-timely and relevant. We’re not asking for them to change or alter that at all. However, it would be interesting if the show would introduce a few little thematic teasers as to what could be coming up. After all, this would enable us to have an opportunity to learn a little more about what sort of story we could end up seeing. How much of it is going to be a reflection of events that are happening within the world today? Also, how dark will the story get? We certainly saw it head in some difficult directions at the end of season 6 with what happened with Carrie and President Keane, and we more than anticipate that things will get a whole lot worse before they ever get better — we just hope that they get better, given that we would like to be an optimist on some level with this show.

Once there is a Homeland season 7 premiere date announcement, we should have news at CarterMatt on it. Stay tuned!

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