‘Shiptober: Will Poldark season 4 bring Drake and Morwenna happiness?

Drake and MorwennaMrs. Carter: Is Poldark season 4 going to offer up hope for one of its other signature couples in Drake and Morwenna?

Earlier on in our CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series, we looked at this subject through the lens of one of the other interesting character pairings on the series in Ross and Demelza. Today, we’re taking on another prominent pair who really emerged on the scene this past season and delivered much of what viewers could possibly want from them. They were passionate, romantic, and had this perspective on the world where they felt as though anything is possible. It’s probably for that reason that this is now all the more devastating watching them get smacked in the face over and over again for trying to just find a way in order to be happy. They wanted to be together, but George Warleggan had other plans. He ruined their future and threatened Morwenna to the point she had to marry the abusive Reverend Whitworth, a man we coined Awful McAwfulface here at the site for this past season. His actions were even more awful than his name.

So is there a chance that somehow, Drake and Morwenna could pull through the fire and still find love? We like to believe that there is always some sort of sliver of hope, but this is not going to come easy.

Finding a way out – The first order of business is working to ensure that Morwenna is free of Whitworth, and that is no easy task. This is not a time in which divorce was common, and we don’t believe that Morwenna or Drake, an overtly Christian man interested in spreading the teachings of his religion, are murderers. We could be wrong, but we think they’re going to have to get creative. For now, all they’ve done is figure out a way in which Morwenna can be freed of having to touch Ozzie in any way.

Finding a way to stay out – Remember that even though Morwenna may free herself, George is persuasive and he has ways of making your life a living hell. There is no guarantee that this will be permanent. They have to be prepared for more trouble there.

Figuring out a way to be together – Do they stay in Cornwall, or do they travel somewhere else where their relationship is not anywhere near as threatened?

One way or another, we know that these are characters who would move heaven and earth in order to be together. We’ve already seen Drake wait countless months, and his love hasn’t seemed to trail off at all. We know that she feels the same for him.

Do you think Drake and Morwenna do have a future on Poldark season 4?

Also, what do you think that this future is going to look like? Sound off with a little more of your thoughts on that subject below! Meanwhile, like us on Facebook to get more news regarding Poldark and many other shows we cover at CarterMatt. (Photo: BBC.)

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