Gotham season 4 episode 4 video: Who is Anubis?

Who is AnubisWho is Anubis moving into Gotham season 4 episode 4 airing on Fox Thursday night? Let’s just say that he’s an extremely creepy presence.

The tail end of the Gotham sizzle reel, which debuted at New York Comic-Con this past weekend, offers up one of the most substantial looks at this character within the world of the show. Those of you who are familiar with DC Comics lore already may have some familiarity with a character by this said name, though how much of that personal is tied to the character on the show remains to be seen. What we do know is this: It’s a character who is fantastically creepy in all of the right ways, and he absolutely does seem to have some ties to Barbara, who in turn has some ties to Ra’s al Ghul.

Thursday’s episode “The Demon’s Head” is the most thorough look into Ra’s that we’ve had a chance to see to date, but we know already that his influence within the city is largely unparalleled. He’s a shadow warrior and puppeteer, operating largely behind the scenes and doing whatever he can in order to manipulate just about any situation that he wants in order to suit some of his personal whims. There are few we’ve met who are anywhere near as intelligent as he is or as deadly. He knows when to make alliances with the right people at the right times.

He’s also now very much tied to Barbara Kean as her benefactor-of-sorts, and he is the one who assigned her to receive the knife. This sneak peek shows you what their relationship is like, and while Ra’s is in charge of almost everyone it does feel as though he is fine putting on the airs that the relationship is somewhat of a collaboration even when it’s not. This is someone adept when it comes to game-playing, and this may be one of the firmest bits of evidence we’ve seen on that in his limited amount of screen time.

Who is Anubis beyond Gotham?

In Egyptian mythology he is the god of the dead, and this is the version of Anubis that most people are familiar with within the DC world. This version is a little more of a dog-human, but he may be able to do all sorts of nefarious deeds in order to please his master in Ra’s. Time will tell how all of this works out.

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