‘Shiptober: What will Supergirl season 3 bring for Kara and Mon-El?

Kara and Mon-ElMrs. Carter: Is there still a future for Kara and Mon-El as we move deeper into Supergirl season 3 on The CW?

At the end of the recent premiere (read our full review at CarterMatt here), we saw that Kara was doing her best to shut out almost every bit of feeling that Kara Danvers had. The biggest reason for that was her heartbreak that Mon-El was gone. She was in love with him, but had to send him away for the sake of insuring the safety of the rest of the world. It was an impossible situation for her, and one that made her think that the job of superhero may be easier when she doesn’t have to worry about some of the added responsibilities that go along with it.

Unfortunately, Kara and Mon-El don’t seem to be reuniting anytime soon. While we know Chris Wood is still a regular on the show, it doesn’t make all that much sense for him to turn up within the next week or two. Take a look at their trajectory right now: Kara is still suffering, and you want her to get to the other side before Mon-El re-enters the picture. In order for their relationship to be as strong as it can be she needs to see hope even in a life without him, that way she’s not so consumed with losing him that she starts to lose a sense of who she really is. This is the person Mon-El loves her for and he’ll be happy to see that she is moving forward. Also, we as viewers need to go through a separation, as well.

While we wouldn’t be surprised if the two get together again quickly after Wood inevitably returns, there are two different angles of this that need to be explored.

1. What has he been through? – While Kara has certainly been through a lot over the past few months, it could pale in comparison to what he has. She may have to put her own issues aside to help him if he’s gone through something traumatic. She is more than capable of doing this given that she does have a number of different people to lean on — more so than even Mon-El does when you think for a moment about the people who are already in National City.

2. How do they make their relationship work now? – They were only starting to get serious in the episodes near the end of the season, so they still have to figure out their home/life balance. Also, Mon-El specifically needs to wrap his head around how much of a hero he wants to be — is he prepared to wear a costume and go out there and fight?

Do you think that Supergirl and Mon-El will have a happy future on Supergirl season 3?

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