James Corden defaces SEAL Team Billboard, Ellen’s mystery celebrity, Zombie Flamingos

SEAL Team billboardIt’s only Tuesday and the great programs readied for TV are lined up and ready to watch. Prime time will once again bring the coaches back to the big red chairs for The Voice. If you’re an NCIS fan, Agent Gibbs will be focusing on a new case while bringing his team closer together. And if you’re looking for music, the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards will be off the chain with rumors of even Eminem spitting a few verses tonight.

James Corden defaces the CBS SEAL Team Billboard

If you’ve driven by the CBS studios near the 3rd Street Farmers Market your attention might be given to the Seal Team billboard. The big sign is plastered on the side of the CBS building for everyone to see and it’s a large picture of David Boreanaz along with an introduction to the show.

Unfortunately for David, the placement of the billboard might have led to a midnight graffiti run as it covered the Late Late Show with James Corden billboard. As fans have seen in the past, if you cover the billboard, it’s highly possible there might be some trouble. One of the best parts of this moment is the mustache that David Boreanaz received on this sign. It’s quite nostalgic and hilarious. It’s also funny to see what happens when you cover James’ signs. He takes his sign placement seriously — at least sort of.

Ellen’s mystery celebrity

Ellen DeGeneres is a celebrity, has a kind heart and is an observant soul. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the latest video where the staff of the popular talk show how decided to see how observant Ellen truly is by placing a mystery celebrity in the audience. Not to make it easy, the celebrity had a complete makeover and looked nothing like himself. The hilarious moment has fans playing along to spot the celebrity and when they do it’s quite a surprised. While I won’t ruin who is in the audience (or how they look) it definitely is a moment to remember!

Hollywood’s Zombie Flamingos

Last night I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard and came across a flock of plastic flamingos. These weren’t just any random flamingos, instead they are the latest trend in Hollywood and beyond for Halloween — Zombie Flamingos. Black in color and looking completely frightening, the look wasn’t for the faint at heart.

America loves to be scared and one of the most recent TV shows, American Horror Story, is leading the way in the biggest screams. Striking terror in the hearts of fans around the world, this show offers a new way to embrace fear and it’s loved by viewers everywhere. Even Universal Studios Hollywood is paying homage to the TV show by offering an evening of fear at the Halloween Horror Nights. As for those zombie Flamingos? Well, they need a better agent as they are just hanging out on a street corner.

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