Major Crimes interview: Jonathan Del Arco reflects on playing Dr. Morales

Jonathan Del ArcoWelcome to Major Crimes Month! With the sixth season premiering on October 31 we’re planning to give you wall to wall coverage of the series, and that includes a series of interviews! We recently attended the 100th episode party in Los Angeles, and we had a chance to speak with many people associated with the TNT series.

If you love the show, our advice for you is to bookmark the link here and come back every weekday for a new interview! We will begin with Dr. Fernando Morales himself in Jonathan Del Arco, who has been a part of this world ever since The Closer back in 2007. He discusses with CarterMatt his feelings about the show’s cancellation, one of his most memorable scenes, and some of what he’d like to do next.

CarterMatt – How are you feeling right now?

Jonathan del Arco – I’m so happy! I keep pinching myself thinking ‘when are you going to feel sad that it’s over.’ I’m not going there yet — it’ll probably hit me eventually.

This is basically a 200-episode franchise!

It’s crazy. This is the second 100th-episode party that I’ve been to for what is theoretically the same show. How could you complain about that?

Why would you even want to?

People have [reminded me] ‘hey, you’re ending,’ but really, it’s all good.

You’ve gotten to do some cool stuff over the years…

I know! I think I autopsied like 150 people. How many people can say that? (Laughs.)

Is there one autopsy you will remember the most?

Ooh, good question. Yes. It was actually on The Closer, and it was basically my first big emotional scene with Kyra [Sedgwick]. I had autopsied a child and I had to leave the room because I couldn’t finish.

The cool part about that episode is it made me realize that, even though these people do these jobs day in and day out, police officers, firemen, doctors, coroners, they develop a bit of a shell. But, every now and then something breaks through and it hits your humanity.

There’s some good family stories that you’ve been able to do — I know everyone was really looking for Morales to get some material like that. 

I know. I had a great time last year doing that scene with my dad.

Is there anything big like that that they have for you coming up?

No, I think in this last 13 episodes I’m pretty functional as a coroner, which is usually the go-to for my character.

Do you have a vision in your head for what Morales does on the other side of all of this?

Yes! He goes to the Abbey and have a big ‘ol cocktail. (Laughs.) Honestly, I have no idea.

So what could be coming up for you next?

I’m excited to try different roles. I would love to do something in streaming like on Netflix or Hulu. I love that they’re getting to do some wild and crazy stuff. I would love to do a sitcom — I started out in sitcoms, so that would be super-fun to go back to three-camera [work] in front of an audience. I’m also directing a short I wrote. It’s called Tea With Lucy. I wrote it for my friends, and it’s a very sweet story about two women from different parts of life who come together for a really special moment.

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