NCIS season 15 episode 3 spoilers: Abby and a ghost’s fingerprints (video)

NCIS season 15 episode 3NCIS season 15 episode 3 is airing on Tuesday night, and with the news of Pauley Perrette’s exit in mind, every scene matters more than ever.

This ultimately brings us now to the new sneak peek below, one that puts Abby at the center of a case involving Torres’ PD partner who mysteriously vanishes. With the help of McGee and an officer from within that department she’s doing her best to examine what happened. In the midst of the investigation they come across a print — one that just so happens to be tied to a woman who has been dead for ten years.

Is the ghost of a slain Metro PD officer somehow involved in the case? That seems unlikely, but within this show everything always happens for a reason. This should be one of the interesting leads that McGee can use on the case and with the help of Gibbs and the rest of the team, maybe they will be able to find some more answers.

As much as we do love to see Abby be the hero within the lab, we do hope that at some point over the course of season 15 there are opportunities to see her elsewhere. Maybe she becomes the catalyst of a case (we’ve absolutely seen that before), or maybe we get a different opportunity to see her in action or learn more about her life outside of the NCIS team. After all, something at some point will cause her to depart the team. It’s probably a little too early to learn specifics on that right now but hopefully CBS isn’t just waiting until the start of May to unravel that storyline. That doesn’t give many viewers a chance to say goodbye who don’t read industry publications — there are certainly some viewers who are going to be surprised when they start to learn that Pauley’s time on the show is near its end. She is poised to be around for the rest of the season so pending some sort of surprise along the way, you are going to get a chance to see her in action from now until the finale.

When it comes to McGee we just hope that he is starting to adjust more to the day-to-day of being back and being a part of the team again. We know that this is something that he was struggling with as of this past episode.

What do you think of this NCIS season 15 episode 3 sneak peek?

Are you glad to get some more Abby scenes more than ever with her exit now in mind? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter now in the comments!

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