NCIS season 15 spoilers: Another new Maria Bello photo

Maria BelloWe’re not too far away from the debut of Maria Bello on NCIS at this point, so with that, CarterMatt feels like it’s time to share another!

The image above is from Bello’s debut as Jack Sloane on the upcoming October 17 episode of the show, and it gives you a sense of a couple of different things. For one, she seems to like coffee! Also, she’s got a sense of style that is uniquely her own.

Jack Sloane is probably in general going to be a very different character from many of the other people on NCIS, and for good reason when you consider geography. She hails from a part of the country in California that would make her more of a natural fit for the NCIS: Los Angeles team, but she was brought in specifically at the request of Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) in order to make a difference as a profiler and an intelligent mind that can go out in the field from time to time. She’ll be able to assess how criminals and suspects think in a way that few other members of the team can. They may be skilled at catching criminals and finding clues, but you do need this extra dose of help in order to ensure that the team is as strong as possible.

There are of course also still questions about how Jack is going to fit in with the rest of the team. For example, signs point to her having an interesting relationship with Gibbs (Mark Harmon), and that may be especially interesting when you think for a moment about that character and his apparent new lease on life. He is trying to start over and be different to those around him, and when you think about that you have to hope that you’ll see something interesting here. Jack won’t know the old Gibbs; she is only going to see this reformed version of him if he is able to keep this change up. That’s going to be an interesting way to possibly alter the dynamic of the overall team in some way.

Does CarterMatt anticipate more Maria Bello buzz coming?

Absolutely. The only reason that there probably is not more at the moment is simply due to the fact that most NCIS headlines right now revolve around the exit of Pauley Perrette at the end of the season — and with good reason when you think about the work that she’s brought to the show for the past decade and a half. She deserves a worthy send-off, and of course Bello also deserves a worthy introduction. There should be time voer the next week or so for us to have both.

What do you want to see with Maria Bello’s debut on NCIS?

Share some of your hopes on that subject in the attached comments!

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