Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 2 preview: Jennifer Morrison returns

Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 2Are you ready for Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 2, or more than that, are you ready for Jennifer Morrison to return?

Morrison’s return for next week’s “A Pirate’s Life” is no secret — even when she departed at the end of season 6 she made it clear that she would come back for at least one more episode. Tonight’s episode was a chance to meet many new faces, so with that episode 2 is a chance to tie together some loose ends that took place in between the end of that season and the start of this one.

What brought Hook to Hyperion Heights and what’s happening with Emma Swan? These are questions that should be answered in this episode. We’re excited to see it, but admittedly also nervous. If the finale kicked off the passing of the torch between one version of this show and the next, this episode will complete said passing since a whole lot more will make sense by the end of it. Given that there is no guarantee that we’re going to have a chance to see Morrison on the other side of this we also have to prepare for the possibility that this is also a big send-off for her character once and for all. We’d hate to see it, but it does feel as though it could very much happen.

Could Jennifer still come back after “A Pirate’s Life”? In theory, sure, but there are no guarantees. Our feeling about this is that it would be wonderful to get a chance to see her and many of the other major characters on the show by the end of the series in some shape or form. Maybe that comes about this year, or maybe that is something that will happen years down the road. Much of that depends on what the ratings for Once Upon a Time are and we’re not going to know everything about that in full until we get around to seeing some of the ratings. Tomorrow is the first chance we have to get a sense of that.

You get a small dose of some of the Hook flashbacks in the promo for the next new episode alone — after all, you see a picture of Emma, plus also the notorious pirate back with a hook for a hand.

What do you want to see in regards to Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 2?

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