‘Shiptober: What a WestAllen wedding on The Flash season 4 should have

WestAllen wedding on The FlashMrs. Carter: We know that a WestAllen wedding is coming on The Flash season 4, but what will that actually entail?

Any time that you have a TV wedding, it’s almost always a challenge given that you’ve got so many different things that you have to arrange. For example, you need to figure out how many characters you want to have there, the ideal location for the wedding, and then also the total amount of time that you want to focus on the event. There are a lot of different things that you need to juggle at one time, and it actually can be rather difficult to sift through most of them.

With that in mind, we do think that we’ve got for you now a good list of five suggestions — a part of our ongoing CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series — to help make the WestAllen wedding the best that it can be.

Some sort of superhero influence – It’s not that we want everyone showing up in their costumes. We don’t want it to be a ceremony where the characters have to ignore who they really are for the sake of keeping up appearances. Even if the total number of people in attendance is small, that’s better if everyone gets a chance to be their true selves.

The crossover element – We know that this is also going to be there given that it’s already been announced that this will be taking place during the crossover event. Beyond that, the question now just remains as to how you want to incorporate the other shows. We would like to see Kara Danvers, Oliver Queen, and some of the other characters who have been integral to Barry and Iris’ past at the wedding in some form.

Vows – These are critical — they are the sort of things ‘shippers look at when celebrating their favorite couple. We don’t want to see them overshadowed by anything when the wedding takes place.

Humor – Sure, this is a serious affair, but we also know at the same time that The Flash is a fairly funny show. We don’t want things to be deathly serious from start to finish during the wedding; you do need to make room for a little bit of laughter here and there!

John Wesley Shipp – Given that Iris’ biological father Joe will be there for the ceremony it only makes sense that we also have a chance to see, at least, the actor who played the original Henry Allen in Shipp. Maybe he turns up here as Jay Garrick, but the emotional impact would still feel the same. (We do continue to state that the death of Henry remains the darkest moment in the show’s history — we were pretty freaked out when Iris “died,” but we always had confidence she would find a way back.)

What do you want to see at the WestAllen Wedding on The Flash?

Let us know some of your thoughts or hopes for the event now in the attached comments! Meanwhile, be sure to click here in the event you do want to get some more news regarding the STAR Labs dynamic this coming season or here to get even more updates on this show or others via our CarterMatt Facebook page. (Photo: The CW.)

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