The Blacklist season 5 episode 2 spoilers: A familiar face helps out Tom

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhen The Blacklist season 5 episode 2 airs on NBC Wednesday night, you’ll see Tom Keen have a valuable new ally!

In the photo above you can see the return of Piter Marek for the first time since “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion,” and he is beginning a new multi-episode arc as Nik. This is a man who is going to prove very valuable for Tom as he looks to resolve one mystery that will be occupying his mind early and often in the first part of this season: Whose bones are in the suitcase? What are we supposed to make of this? The mystery of Reddington and Liz’s history has apparently been resolved, but there is still something that is so important here that it could change the relationship as Liz and Red know it. This is the foundation of this preview, and Tom is going to do everything that he can to coerce Nik to help him figure out whose bones these are and how it could impact everything that is happening with Liz and Red’s lives. It’s an important reveal; with that in mind, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp recently had the following to say on the subject to Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s definitely not a partnership of convenience, in fact, it’s born out of desperation … Tom and Nik both have complicated histories with Liz, but this new mystery puts them on the same team for the first time since Agnes was born. I’d say they’re both cautious about working together — but it’s not uncommon for a shared secret to have unintended consequences.”

This relationship will be spawned in an interesting place this season, and how it develops could prove to be very dangerous to Tom. Is going to Nik the beginning of the end for him? We know now where this current story goes (with Reddington potentially killing him) so it’s possible that he made a terrible mistake in who to trust. He claims that he did not want to go to Liz directly with this information thinking that her father would find a way to get to it. Unfortunately for him, signs point towards this possibly happening in the first place and Reddington finding a different way to inflict all sorts of chaos in his life.

Ready for this episode to air?

We know that we are given that the premiere ultimately reset the show and gave it a vibe that was very similar to the first season. We had a chance to see and experience a great deal of comedy, but there was still this ominous feeling bubbling underneath the surface confirmed in the closing minutes. You probably shouldn’t worry about Tom too much yet given that we’ve seen characters survive all sorts of crazy situations on this show — still, there is definitely a cause for concern.

(Photo: NBC.)

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