Outlander season 3 debate: How much more of Roger and Bree will we see?

Roger and BreeOutlander season 3 episode 4 on Sunday night absolutely contained an enormous moment for Roger and Bree with the kiss. However, the preview for Outlander season 3 episode 5 absolutely raises some questions in regards to the two characters’ future on this season. We know that Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton are going to be a part of the show for many more seasons to come presumably; yet, are we nearing the end of their story for the time being?

(Rest assured, there are no book spoilers ahead — even if you have read the Diana Gabaldon books, remember that the writers have made some liberties to the material so far this season. Look at Murtagh as a prime example.)

The promo that aired for episode 3×05 last night (watch here) effectively gives away once and for all that we are going to see Claire (Caitriona Balfe) back in the past to search for Jamie (Sam Heughan) — after all, the Print Shop scene is right around the corner! It’s the pivotal scene at the heart of the Diana Gabaldon book Voyager and it may be the most-anticipated moment in all of the series’ history.

So when are Roger and Bree going to get some of their own moments in the sun on the show? Aside from that aforementioned kiss, both actors have said in various interviews that their romance will be a slow burn. Not only that, but it’s not entirely confirmed as to how many episodes they will even be a part of this season. As a show-only viewer our hope is that we would find a way to incorporate them into the narrative somehow. While we do realize that the show is mostly the story of Claire, we have become invested in these two characters and we would like to see what they are up to and also where there story is going parallel to what is happening for Jamie and Claire elsewhere. Maybe you scatter in a few updates at the start of a couple of episodes, or you give a large chunk of an episode down the road to the two parties. We don’t think we’re giving a whole lot away when we say that they still will have a key role to play even after Claire travels back to the past — if they were going away for good, do you think that there would be such an enormous promotional push around them? Feels unlikely.

If the majority of the love story is being saved until season 4 (filming soon!), then our wishlist for Roger and Bree moving forward is this: A few updates here and there and maybe a meatier storyline towards the end of the season so that we don’t forget about them. Keep giving Rankin and Skelton great material, as there are interesting juxtapositions to be made between the present and the past. In the end, we’ll see what the producers decide.

How much more of Roger and Bree do you want to see on Outlander season 3?

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