Is Madam Secretary new tonight? Reasoning and delays

Madam Secretary newIs Madam Secretary new tonight over on CBS? We’d love to say that it’s going to be back on the air again alongside other network programming.

Alas, the folks over at the network have chosen to wait until Sunday, September 8 in order to bring Tea Leoni and the rest of the cast for the series back, and it does feel as though they have a very specific reason for that: Not wanting to run the risk of the show getting off to a woeful ratings start. When you think about the current state of the CBS schedule, that makes sense. The network has NFL programming tonight, and with that the earliest that Madam Secretary could in theory be able to start is around 10:30 p.m. Eastern time.

Now, you should also remember this: NFL football rarely ever ends on time, which means that the network would’ve run a risk that the Madam Secretary premiere, had they aired it, not come on until 10:45 or even later. You don’t want a scripted drama series, one that caters to an older audience and one that just got a nice syndication deal, to come on the air that late in the evening. This would hurt its ratings, which would in turn hurt the chances of there being a Madam Secretary season 5 down the road.

So while you may not understandably love the fact that there is no new episode of the series coming on tonight, remind yourself that there is a silver lining here — it helps the show in the long run, and it may also ensure that there is one less week of repeats coming up down the line. That’s absolutely something that you should be aware of to turn any potential frowns upside-down.

Other Madam Secretary news of note

The biggest thing to remind you of at present is that the premiere episode coming up is not your ordinary installment. It’s going to be directed by executive producer Morgan Freeman, a role that he’s done on previous premieres, and will also feature him making a guest spot. This is another reason why CBS doesn’t want to air the show so late — they have a living legend appearing on the series, and with that it makes more sense for them to promote the show coming on as a reasonable time and getting some of his fans to check out the show.

In terms of material, we know that Madam Secretary has a lot to mine from in terms of everything that is going on in the world at the moment.

What do you want to see on Madam Secretary when it’s back on the air?

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