The Toy Box preview: Water Dodger, Cyborg Princess, Soldier Ball, more (season 2 premiere)

Cyborg PrincessWhat’s coming on tonight’s The Toy Box season 2 premiere? Well, prepare for Water Dodger, Cyborg Princess, Soldier Ball and more!

If you’ve missed it, there are a few different things about the show this season, with one of the biggest ones (aside from the earlier timeslot) being the change in format. The toy experts are no longer present, and it’s clear this time around that the toy inventors know that they are going into the box knowing that they will be meeting a group of kids to show off the product. That’s also different — there is no consistent panel of kids every week.

Noah from the first season will be back, but he’s the only one as you’ll be seeing new kids take on the role of “judge” every week now to help determine which toy deserves to be one step closer of getting into Toys R Us.

Take a look below for some basic information about the toys featured tonight, along with links (when available) as to where to get more information.

Cyborg Princess – a series of alternate-world characters and comic books that serve as futuristic emblems of female empowerment
Inventor: James from Beaverton, Oregon

Soldier Ball – a game combining the iconic mini green army men with elements of strategy and bowling
Inventor: Nate and Isaac from Albany, Georgia

Go Chopstix – a racing game in which players using chopsticks to compete against each other to remove toy sushi pieces from a rotating tray the fastest
Inventor: Chuck from San Diego, California

Patio Pong – a large-scale ball toss game that is fun for the whole family
Inventor: Melissa from Woodstock, Georgia

Flip-O-Matic – a kid-friendly, color-coordinated launcher game
Inventor: Brad from New York, New York

Water Dodger – an environmentally friendly take on water-balloon fights where players are equipped with reusable water balls and water-blocking shields
Inventor: Nate from South Euclid, Ohio

Thingamatink – an origami-inspired blanket that can be folded into a boat
Inventor: Erin and Kayla from Oakland, California

Of these toys, some are probably more interesting than others. Things like Soldier Ball, Water Dodger, and Go Chopstix were popular in the first season since they were really interactive. The same could go for Patio Pong. Meanwhile, Thingamatink may be a little too abstract for what this show is and we really don’t have any idea what Cyborg Princess is going to turn into. We’re just glad that something so out there has an opportunity to be on a show like this — it’d never make it on Shark Tank, after all. We’ll cover the show at CarterMatt a little more extensively later — not only in terms of the products themselves, but whether or not the second season with all of its changes is a marked improvement on the first.

What are you hoping to see?

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