Victoria season 2 episode 7 spoilers: Jenna Coleman, cast find peace

Victoria season 2 episode 7Moving into Victoria season 2 episode 7, the ITV series will look at a rare commodity in the life of a Royal: Anonymity. Let’s face it — while many rulers may want it and very much cherish it, there are not too many actual opportunities in which it can be sought out and attained. You are such a recognizable face, and are even on money in so many places, it’s hard to find a feasible way to escape.

With that being said, it does seem as though Victoria season 2 episode 7 will allow for the title character (played by Jenna Coleman) to actually find something resembling an escape. She will have an opportunity to move north to Scotland for a time, and while there she may encounter a brief break from the rest of the world — but not without some more difficulties along the way. When you are a Queen, after all, you probably realize rather quickly that the peace you want is not going to be something that is altogether eager to find.

If you look below, you can see via the synopsis for the episode a few more details as to what’s coming:

“Feeling suffocated after a repeated assassination attempt leads to increased security at the Palace, Victoria seeks escape to the land she fantasised about as a child: the Scottish Highlands. However, it isn’t the romantic retreat she has read about in her Walter Scott novels, and she begins to realise that, wherever she is in the world, she can’t escape the fact that she is Queen. 

“When a day out takes an unexpected turn, Victoria finally gets the anonymity she wished for, while Albert enjoys being able to play the role of a traditional husband for the first time. Hidden away from normal Palace life, the entire court – servants and royals alike – find secrets and romance bubbling up to the surface on a liberating midsummer’s night.”

Ultimately this may feel like a rather different installment of the show than most. The tone is different, the mood may be lighter at times, and some love could be in the air. With any show, especially one that is true to life, you do want there to be a change of pace every now and then. After all if you don’t find that, you do run the risk that the show gets a little lost in a sea of sameness and nothing ever stands out when it comes to content.

Have any expectations for Victoria season 2 episode 7?

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