Designated Survivor season 2 episode 3 spoilers: An epidemic ahead

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 3No matter what happens, President Kirkman cannot seem to get out of the woods. Designated Survivor season 2 episode 3 could be proof of that. He will have settled a few other crisis that are plaguing his cabinet, but one of his biggest problems here could impact ultimately the entirety of the country — just in case the show didn’t feel apocalyptic enough, you’re going to see in “Outbreak” the arrival of a virus. This is one that could be crazy, violent, and set the stage for some other drama if it’s not resolved by the end of the episode.

Below, you can get here at CarterMatt some of the first Designated Survivor season 2 episode 3 details:

“President Kirkman is faced with a viral pandemic that threatens to kill countless Americans while FBI Agent Hannah Wells and M16 Agent Damian Rennett discover evidence that could change the lives of members of the first family forever.”

before you start to wonder if a Designated Survivor – The Walking Dead crossover is happening in the near future, we doubt that. The show does do some crazy twists, but we don’t foresee them going this far with it. What we do think is that this is a story that is challenging to tell because you’re dealing with something that is a little bit more abstract as a story point; sickness spreading isn’t always the most effective thing to show on TV. You have to make it into more of a slow process, showing what it’s doing to people and finding a way to isolate anyone who is infected. You have to show the reaction to it spreading more so than anything.

As for the other story…

Well, this seems primed to be one of the first major surprises of the entire season, and we’re only just three episodes in! We do think it’s interesting that the words “first family” are mentioned here in the synopsis rather than just Kirkman, which makes us wonder if this is related to Alex or someone else. One other thing that makes this intriguing is the news that we could be seeing this character leave the show by the end of the season — there are a wide array of different ways in which this could happen, but some of them are understandably a little more morbid than others.

We’ve got a little bit more time to dive into how some of these stories could related to what’s happening on Designated Survivor in the present., but rest assured that once more in the way of information is out there, we’ll have it for you here.

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