Saturday Night Live premiere: Carmen Yulín Cruz, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump

Saturday Night LiveGoing into this weekend’s Saturday Night Livethe easy assumption was that Alec Baldwin would return as Donald Trump in the cold open. He had made it clear that he would be back for the first episode (hosted by Ryan Gosling), and often this show loves to come back in a big way, with a bang as opposed to a whimper.

With this said, is it fair to say that they pulled off a heck of a great start to the season tonight? We would absolutely say it’ll be memorable.

The cold open tonight began with Baldwin’s Trump arriving to the White House from his country club in New Jersey, one where he quickly took a phone call from the Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulín Cruz, who has absolutely been in the headlines as of late. The show is really went down to the middle when it comes to making this current, telling jokes from the past two days. Also, the show seemed to create some sort of comparison between Trump and a Time Lord from Doctor Who, as they made it seem that he was able to bend time in order slowly exhaust everything in memory.

After the show gave us a chance to see a discussion between Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), we then transitioned over to Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon). We do love that this version of Sessions is basically a corrupt Southern baron mixed with Elmer Fudd. It’s brilliant that way.

The best joke? “You should have joined FEMA Prime.”

Ultimately, we do think that this cold open proved to be a great start to the premiere, but at the same time we do think the show had a serious uphill battle trying to match the hilarity and the greatness of seeing Baldwin’s Trump for the first time. It’s not SNL’s fault that they struck gold with that. This was a very funny cold open, even if we managed to see the majority of it before in some other form.

The thing we’re probably the proudest of the show of bringing in Puerto Rico, who desperately needs your help.

What did you think about the Saturday Night Live cold open for the season?

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