Ray Donovan season 5 ratings rise amidst strongest story in years

Ray Donovan season 5 ratingsIt absolutely feels clear to say that the Ray Donovan season 5 ratings — at least the live ones — have been met with many challenges. For one, the show started off airing opposite Game of Thrones, and since that time it’s been forced against The Last Ship, Fear the Walking Dead, the Primetime Emmy Awards, natural disasters, and a wide array of other competition.

We’re not attempting to make excuses for the live ratings year-to-year being down slightly, but we are trying to say that this season has experienced arguably more roadblocks and difficulties than any that has come before it. Nonetheless, it’s finding a way to draw some solid numbers, and there’s something more to like about the latest ones that have come in.

The numbers for this past episode of the show (1.15 million) make it the most-watched episode of the whole season. Given that Ray Donovan is on a subscriber-supported network, there really isn’t a whole lot else that actually matters in terms of demo ratings or the like. The rise in viewers may be due in fact to a little less in the way of competition, or that the current story is having its intending effect: Getting people really drawn in on some of these characters and what is transpiring with them. The folks behind the scenes have done a very good job of crafting effective stories both in the past and the present — Paula Malcomson is delivering an Emmy-worthy performance as we witness Abby’s struggle following the cancer diagnosis, and beyond that in the present you’ve got Susan Sarandon anchoring many scenes as Sam Winslow. The foundation of this show remains great characters, and it is delivering on that in every single way possible.

As you get into the home stretch of Ray Donovan season 5, it feels as though this is exactly where you want the show to be. You’re completely invested in these people’s lives, you worry for them, and you have no idea of how their stories are going to end (with Abby serving as the exception to the rule).

Do you have a strong take on the latest Ray Donovan season 5 ratings?

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