Gotham season 4 spoilers: When will Maggie Geha’s Poison Ivy appear?

Maggie Geha's Poison IvyWhat’s the future going to hold with Maggie Geha’s Poison Ivy on Gotham season 4? It’s an interesting subject of conversation.

We are putting poisoning Ivy at this point in the title intentionally as opposed to just Ivy Pepper, mostly due to the fact that she is in the midst clearly of another transformation. At the end of this past episode she decided to basically overdose herself on a wide array of different potions, looking to acquire more power in order to become more of a force of nature in the world. It’s a powerful move for her, and it could be one that brings her closer (at least in terms of powers) to the Poison Ivy that exists within the Batman universe. There are differences in the origin stories, but the characters and their abilities could be reasonably similar.

Speaking in a new interview with Syfy Wire, co-executive Bryan Wynbrandt does his part to explain why Ivy made the decision that she did on this past episode, and teases that there are some big things coming for her character — even though you’re going to be waiting for a rather long time in order to see them:

“This is indeed going to be a major shift in Ivy’s character. She’s at a crossroads, fed up with Penguin, alienated by the Sirens. So it felt like the perfect time to push the character in a new direction … When she comes back later in the season we will see her transformed or ‘becoming’ more of the Ivy we know from the comics. Dangerous. A live wire of crazy energy.”

We suspected that an absence for Ivy was going to be coming this season, as Geha wasn’t listed as a series regular in some of the promotional material that we’ve seen for the show as of late. Yet, in one way or another this could end up being a net positive. Just think about things in this sense: If we do get to see Ivy down the road this season, she is probably going to be infinitely more powerful and formidable than she was previously. She’ll have more of an active role, even if she ends up being around a shorter period of time.

What do you want to see from Maggie Geha’s Poison Ivy now?

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