Grey’s Anatomy season 14 debate: Will Jolex last this time around?

JolexMrs. Carter: The Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere contained many things, but it also had a Jalex moment like no other.

For a good year or so now, we’ve wondered if Jo and Alex would ever find their way back to each other, and there were absolutely many moments where we wondered if it was going to ever happen. They had so much to get through, with the biggest part of it being Alex’s temper. She didn’t understand how she could be with someone who committed the violence that he did against Andrew DeLuca, and that caused her to have every terrible flashback to her past possible. It was almost impossible for her to think beyond that and understandably so.

Yet, at the end of this past two-part premiere (following an awkward hookup and several assurances from other people) Jalex finally became a thing. She realized that she couldn’t shy away from her feelings for him forever, and she had to look past what happened with her and Paul. She gave him an opportunity to speak his mind, and he actually admitted to something we didn’t think we would be seeing for a rather long time: He tracked down Paul and saw him in the flesh. We figured that Jo would be angry about this, but she actually seemed to be relieved to know that he saw him and didn’t hurt him. That was a sign that he could trust him, and was further validation that they can try to make something work moving into the future.

Now, we do think that Jo and Alex have a future, and after everything that they’ve been through, the chance that they stick together now actually feels reasonably high. Are we still worried about a few things? Sure, with one of the biggest ones being the sole fact that Paul is still out there. We don’t think that he would break the two of them up, but you never quite know for sure. It’s an enormous test to Alex’s temper if he does return, and to the strength of the two of them as a couple. Rumor has it that Matthew Morrison will be returning at some point this season; beyond that, some of their other struggles simply seem to be the ones that any couple would have in their position — long hours, busy schedules, and stressful surgeries. They both have issues from their past, but if they can support each other we’re pretty sure that they can work through them.

In the weeks ahead, we’re going to have a much better chance to see where their relationship lies. They have a foundation, but it’s a different one than the first time around.

Do you think that Jolex will stay together on Grey’s Anatomy after everything that they’ve been through?

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