Raven’s Home episode 11 spoilers: Are you ready for Halloween Special?

Raven's Home episode 11When Raven’s Home episode 11 airs on the Disney Channel next week, you better be in the Halloween spirit! This is the show’s installment commemorating the holiday, and there are some very cool things that could come along with that. Think in terms of costumes, plans, parties, and also probably a few lessons about what it means to actually take part in the celebration.

Why give the special to everyone so early? We understand that being a fair question, and the only answer that we can really offer you in turn there is that it makes since for the House of Mouse to drum up excitement a little bit early! Also, this offers them the chance to repeat the episode throughout October for more viewing opportunities. It’s something that this network has done many times in the past, so don’t consider this the first time that they’ve ever done this. (There will be some more episodes coming up a little bit later in the month.)

For some more news on what’s coming in this episode (which is titled “The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson,” a reference potentially to The Exorcism of Emily Rose), take a look below.

Raven’s Home episode 11 synopsis – “Booker and Levi try to prank a classmate into thinking their apartment building is haunted. Meanwhile, Nia gets chickenpox and Tess comes up with a plan to make sure her BFF doesn’t miss out on Halloween.”

This episode should prove itself to be a fun way to see some of these characters in this Halloween environment. Let’s just hope that Booker and Levi’s prank is of the innocent variety (nobody likes to be embarrassed around Halloween), and for Nia, we just hope that someone like Tess ensures that she has a good time. Halloween is one of those holidays you only have a handful of times to enjoy in your life. By the time you’re a teenager everyone starts to think that you’re “too old” for candy and then you feel weird going trick-or-treating. Embrace the opportunities while you still can!

What do you want to see in regards to Raven’s Home episode 11? Share some of your early expectations in the comments below!

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