MacGyver season 2 premiere sneak peek: See Isabel Lucas in action!

MacGyver season 2 premiere sneak peekThe MacGyver season 2 premiere sneak peek below makes many things clear, and one of the biggest ones is that the show isn’t changing all that much for its sophomore run. If you loved the first season, its frenetic pace, and watching the title character continually make something out of nothing, odds are that you’ll love season 2.

One thing that is changing comes in the form of a new cast member: Home and Away actress Isabel Lucas will be turning up in the season 2 premiere “DIY or DIE,” and the sneak peek below offers you up a small sense of what her character Samantha Cage brings to the table. She doesn’t have the same skill set that Angus MacGyver does, but her time within the CIA organization has apparently enabled her to be able to handle high-pressure situations with ease. She speaks multiple languages, and she is able to create a rather good diversion to keep the Phoenix Foundation crew out of trouble.

Given that Mac and Jack were often the only members of the team out in the field last year, it made sense that they get a little bit of help. Cage fills that void, though her role beyond that with the team remains to be seen. She does seem like a natural fit, and it’s always good to have some new energy here and there with a show like this. It’s already been determined that MacGyver as a remake is more of an ensemble show than the original, so we’re fine seeing the team expand a little bit. Plus, it creates some fun new character dynamics.

Basically, we at CarterMatt would strongly recommend you check out the season 2 premiere tonight even if you didn’t watch all that much of the first season. It got progressively better as it went along thanks to figuring out roles for some of the characters, distancing itself more from the original version, and making great use of the supporting cast including Justin Hires and Meredith Eaton. The chemistry across the board was really strong by the end of the first season and it really helped that there was a great adversary in Murdoc around to fuel the fire.

With MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0, CBS has a good thing going if you like fun, action-heavy shows that offer up some escapism. Hopefully Lucas gets to engage in all sorts of fun stuff on the show, and we’re eager to see what all of the stories are moving forward. After all, the network has been rather mysterious when it comes to some upcoming MacGyver stories beyond the premiere; as of this writing, we’ve yet to see any details regarding the second episode of the season.

Excited for the MacGyver season 2 premiere to arrive?

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